Comfortable air conditioning and effective dehumidification of ambient air with the climate fountain.

Office investigation

An experimental space has been set up to investigate the indoor climate in an office scenario.

(temperature, humidity, CO2)

Test results: Cooling power

Boundary conditions:

Water temperature: 4°C
Outdoors: 15 – 23°C
room unheated
no humidification

Test results: Dehumidification power

Boundary conditions:

Water temperature: 4°C
room heated: 26°C
87% humidified
RH “constant”

Dehumidifcation: 0.5 kg/h
represents 3,6 g/m3h
(average humidity production in apartment: 1g/m3h)
Average power: 0.43 kW

Energy and atmosphere-related investigations

Cooling power

Dehumidification power


In radiant cooling it achieves 4x the power of traditional chilled ceiling systems!