The climate fountain – a climate control water-wall with a connected outdoor unit – combines the advantages of a radiant cooling system and effective ambient air dehumidification in a single system. Both rooms and zones within rooms can be air-conditioned without negative effects such as draughts or fan noise, while the limiting factors affecting traditional radiant cooling systems can be intelligently avoided.

This system offers, for the first time, the possibility of zoned climate control. That is, even individual zones within a space can be cooled by the water wall’s action. This opens up considerable energy saving potential, especially in large administrative spaces and production halls, etc., as cooling need only take place in those areas that absolutely require it.

In addition, the system is significantly more energy efficient when compared to conventional air conditioning systems.

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Installation and custom adjustments

Hartmann Projekt will establish your needs and take over responsibility for producing and assembling the climate control water wall.

Further customer requirements regarding the combination of the water wall with existing or additionally required air conditioning solutions will be handled by our partners.

Fraunhofer IBP is always at your service for any further customer-specific adjustments to the water wall.



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